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What Is EscoLab?
Research, technology and innovation are key factors to progress and currently they are advancing at warp speed. There are a large number of research centres, universities and companies investigating on fascinating topics in Barcelona. Do you know them? EscoLab gives the opportunity to High School students to discover the latest scientific advances and the most leading laboratories of Barcelona.

From October 2013 to April 2014, EscoLab offers over 100 different workshops and activities in several formats run by the researchers themselves, where you can realise the great diversity of labs that exist today and the different ways of doing research.

You will be able to visit, for example, the labs on which are currently investigating new lines of research against cancer, or a data processing centre of the largest scientific instrument ever built (the LHC at CERN). You may also visualize live brain impulses and discover the amazing applications that neuroscience, genetics, nanotechnology and roboticsc can bring us. The topics are diverse, mostly related to science and technology, but also to social sciences, archaeology, architecture, journalism, sports science, or business innovation.

All activities are free for school groups. Prior registration is essential and can be done from September 5, 2013. Places are limited.

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